7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, September 13

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Daily Objectives:  

  1.  Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, and activities
  2. Apply the Scientific Process / Scientific Method (especially Hypothesis, Materials, etc) to the Off Target Investigation.
  3. Compare the Scientific Method to the Engineering Process.


Today in Class:

  1.  Review the Scientific Method.  This was taught in 4-5th, 6th grades.  We orally reviewed, and it was interesting to see how much you could recall from past science classes.
  2. Next, I passed out a blank labs sheet.  You and your group took notes on the steps of the Scientific Method, and wrote short definitions for each step.
  3. I put up the notes on the SmartBoard and you checked your notes for accuracy.
  4. I demonstrated how to complete a Lincs Card, and you followed along and made your own Links Card– most classes created a card for the step, “Conclusion.”  The form for a Lincs Card is shown below.  (1st hour did not create a Lincs Card – due to the tornado drill)


Homework:    {1st Hour- this will be your HW tomorrow due to the tornado drill- you may complete it tonight if you like}

Create 5 Lincs Cards.  Lincs Cards are just a specialized way of making flash cards- they are notes that can help you to study.  You made 1 card-  please make 5 additional cards- each one should be a step of the Scientific Method.  Refer to the notes you took on the Sci Method in class, or go to “Notes of the Week” tab at the top of this page.   An example of a Lincs Card is below:

LINC CARD  (unlined side)                    

concept/term                   simple  sketch 


LINC CARD  (lined side)

define term                1 reminding word


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