7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, September 8

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Daily Objectives:  Demonstrate understanding and retention level of the 6th Grade Science Benchmarks and Standards.

Today in Class:

  1.  Students used their laptops as they took the 6th Grade Benchmark Assessment.  Most students will complete this tomorrow during class.  You should NOT work on this at home.  This assessment shows the teachers and the students how much of the science material / concepts that you understand and recall from the last school year.  It helps us to see if there are benchmarks that we need to cover more thoroughly as we teach our subjects.  This is NOT a graded assessment– it establishes a baseline and gives you, the student  (and your parents) some feedback as to how well you retain and understand the 6th Grade Science standards from the past school year.


Homework:  Please make sure to have a parent / guardian discuss the Science syllabus and sign the half-sheet/Syllabus paper – if you have not done so yet.



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