7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, September 7

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Objectives/ Standards:  1.  Class Introductions and policies.  2.  Syllabus questions.

3.  Inquiry and Stem: S.IP.M.1: Inquiry involves generating questions, conducting investigations, and developing solutions to problems through reasoning and observation.  

S.IP.07.11: Generate scientific questions based on observations, investigations, and research.

Today in Class:     1.  Students moved into their seating charts.    2.  Students completed their FB Class Info. Sheet

3.  Students were shown an open-ended demonstration- PVC Tube, Beads & String— students completed a “Think About It” paper  (“I Observe, I Wonder, I Infer.”).  First, students wrote their individual thoughts, and then students shared ideas and observations with small groups.  You did great with this!    The reason we completed this demo. and Think About It worksheet was to help you to understand that Science investigations often have more than one answer, and sometimes we have to think outside of the box to come up with ideas and answers.  It should have shown you that the teacher does not always want to give you a simple task, tell you the answer, and then ask you to memorize the answer.  Science teachers want to challenge their students to think for themselves, and go out on a limb and question their surroundings.  This way, you will be analyzing the demonstration, evaluating the evidence, and applying prior knowledge to your observations to help you to solve the problems presented.

 Assignment:  If you did not already have a parent sign your Syllabus paper – please discuss the Science Syllabus with a parent or guardian, and have him/her sign the paper.  This is due by Friday.




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