7th Science Rocks!

Friday, June 2

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Human activities have changed the land, oceans and atmosphere of the Earth, resulting in reduction of the number and variety of wild plants and animals, sometimes causing the extinction of species

2.  Explain how human activities (urban development, farming, etc) changed the surface of the Earth and affect the survival of organisms
3.  Review all of the objectives for the Cells and Microbiology Unit; Review all benchmarks and objectives for the Scientific Method Unit
Today in Class:  
1.  Students completed their Invasive Species poster.  These were then graded.
(3rd hour– some of you need to complete these due to the Awards Ceremony last week).
2.  We reviewed the Parts of the Cell, the microscope and different cell processes (photosynthesis, mitosis, cell transport, diffusion,…)
3.  We reviewed the Scientific Method in 4 of the hours…  some of the students needed more time to complete their Invasive Species Posters.
Review :
1) Cell Structures and Functions
2) The Microscope
3) Cell Processes  (photosynthesis, mitosis, cell transport, diffusion,…)
4) The Scientific Method – know each section, be able to recognize examples, how to write each section…



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