7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, May 25

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Daily Objectives:

1.   Human activities have changed the land, oceans and atmosphere of the Earth, resulting in reduction of the number and variety of wild plants and animals, sometimes causing the extinction of species
2.  Explain how human activities (urban development, farming, etc) changed the surface of the Earth and affect the survival of organisms
Today in Class:
1.  I recorded all of the graded texts, page 94.
2.  During most class times, Sustainability Groups gave constructive criticism to other groups about their 4 Google.slides with their Sustainability Problem/Solution.
If your class did not have this opportunity, you will do this tomorrow.
3.  I put up a list of all of the different diagram notes that we have used and worked on during this past unit.  You should have checked that you either have each one of these drawn – (some are from your text and some are online).  The list is below.
4.  We went outside to complete part II of the Wetland Field Study.  We worked on the “Plant” section.  You learned about species diversity,  % invasives, you completed a scientific drawing of one of the plants in the field quadrant, and named a few specific plants in the quadrant.
Diagram – Notes
Water Cycle ( & notes)
Clouds (altitude)
Layers of the Atmosphere
Spring & Fall Turnover OR  Beach:   Convection Currents
Gulf Stream
Composition of Gasses in  Atmosphere
Water on Earth – % H2O
Energy in the Atmosphere  (94)
Gyres – surface currents  (55)
Climate GCC
Water Table – Saturation Zone,…
Homework:  No specific HW… reminder: your Unit Test is Wed. June 1



Today, you need to list 5 key characteristics of your park or  5 main reasons to visit your park.  These are the identifiable features of your park.  You should list these on the second fold  or section of your brochure.

Make sure to also include another picture of a special place within your park.  This could be one of the identifiable features.

Are these important features   hiking trails???  camping??  lake(s)?  swimming?  waterfalls?  cliffs?  canyons?  beaches?  special birds or animals?

If you need to add a second page because you’re having a hard time placing all of your text or pictures/map, then you may do so.



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