7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, May 19

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Daily Objectives: 

Day 5: Sustainability Center- Problem-Based Learning
1.  . Design Solutions to problems using technology.

2. Describe the effect humans and other organisms have on the balance of the natural world.
3. Recognize possible solutions to environmental problems, such as a lack of resources, energy shortages, and pollution. Identify possible technological advances in recycling, upcycling, conservation of resources, reduction of energy use.

S.RS.07.16 /  S.RS.07.17

Today in Class:

1. Students are to be working on their Sustainability Projects. These are the tasks that you have been completing:
a. Write up each of the action steps that they have taken and note what happened, + or
– , would you change anything (“Now what?” ) (#6)
b. Write 3-4 scientific principles, their definitions and descriptions, and how these
concepts relate to your projects (#8).
c. Students should email any adults that helped them with their project – and invite
them to the Open House for the Sustainability Center.  Students:  When you invite people, you may  share the Invite that I shared with you, but also
include a personalized email, and thanking the people for their help, information,
etc.,.  You will have to send these emails from home because our email does not
allow students to email outside of our network.
d. Students should start their conclusions (#9). If student groups are still working on
their action phase of their project, then you should wait on their conclusion.
e. If you had even more time,   you were ahead of the game:
you should begin a very professional-looking presentation quality level Google.
Slides- First slide– What is their problem, Title slide
Second Slide and Third Slide– actions you took to solve the problem
Fourth Slide – Solution– did you solve the problem? What did the solution look
like? What is the result?


Homework:  Sustainability Projects – Action work???


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