7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, May 17

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Identify what causes surface currents and explain how surface currents affect climate

2.  Describe the origins of pollution in the hydrosphere, (car exhaust, solid waste, acid rain, and natural sources), and how pollution impacts habitats, climatic change, threatens or endangers species.

3.  Explain the problems of pollutants in the ocean and how they are affected by Earth’s surface currents and Gyre

4. Identify what causes surface currents and explain how surface currents affect climate

E.ES.07.12  /  E.ES.07.13  /  E.ES.07.42  /  E.ES.07.81  /


Today in Class:

1.Read with a Partner:  Ducks Overboard! articles…. Plastic ducks like the one you are showing them  actually taught scientists lessons, and we can learn about science concepts in the most unexpected situations!

Look at the articles /websites below, read using  the Reading Strategy – Complete the Write-Ins,  one the worksheet that you are given.

CNN Ducks Overboard

Free Republic: Ducks by B Clerkin

Beachercombers Alert- Ebbesmeyer’s blog

2.  As you read, look for key details and information, like,    What is a Gyre?  What did these ducks (and other toys) teach  scientists?  What is a “garbage patch” in the ocean?  How many garbage patches exist?

3.  Bonus!!!!  How did the jar of ocean “soup” relate to this reading and lesson?  (write this on the bottom of side one).

Make sure to  check out each site /article.  If you finish this reading and worksheet before the end of class, sketch a map of the major gyres (with arrows for directions) on the back of the worksheet.



No homework for this lesson.  Please give your Ducks worksheet to the teacher before leaving the room.



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