7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, May 3

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Daily Objectives: 

1.Explain how solar cookers work.

2. How does energy transfer efficiently from the sun to the food that is being cooked?

3. How are solar cookers beneficial- to the people who use them? … to the environment?

4. Can you design and construct a working model to illustrate solar energy transfer?

P.EN.M.3 / P.EN.M.4 / E.ES.07.11 / E.ES.07.M.1


Today in Class: 

1.  Testing Solar Cookers.  1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th hours did this.  (2nd hour could not due to cloud cover- we discussed and went over water cycle notes
2.   Students ran trials with their solar cookers to see which solar cooker transferred heat the most efficiently.  Students should have evaluated which types of heat transfers were involved with their solar cookers.
This was great!!!!  It was super interesting to see which one of your designs transferred heat effectively!
Read pages 16-21, use a reading strategy.

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