7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, April 28

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Daily Objectives:

1. Explain the water cycle and describe how evaporation, transpiration, condensation, cloud formation, precipitation, infiltration, surface runoff and ground water occur within the cycle.

2. Identify and differentiate between different water environments
E.ES.07.81 / S.IP.07.1 / S.IA.07.13

Today in Class:

BAND STUDENTS – Today is a review day, it should have definitely helped the students who were present to better understand the water cycle.  If you wish to come in and play the Water Cycle game, come in before school or at lunch sometime.

1.Students double-checked their Water Cycle diagram: Does it have all of the parts of the water cycle drawn and labeled?  Are all of the processes noted and labeled?

2.  Water Cycle Game: this is a valuable game that helps you to understand how water moves through the water cycle and the time it takes for water to move.  After students played the game, we took the class data and determined the percent of time that water spends in each part of the water cycle.


Review and study the Water Cycle- using your diagram and review the text pages (pp.1-15).

TOMORROW – We work on our SUSTAINABILITY 20% PROJECTS – Problem -Solving.  Come in prepared.



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