7th Science Rocks!

Monday, April 25

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Daily Objectives:

1. Describe the atmosphere as a mixture of gases

2. Compare and contrast the composition of the atmosphere at different elevations.
3. Atmosphere- The atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and trace gases that include water vapor. The atmosphere has different physical and chemical composition at different elevations.
E.FE.07.11 / E.FE.07.12 / E.FE.M.1  /  P.EN.07.43 / P.EN.07.62 / E.ES.07.72


Today in Class:

  1.  Groups for the Sustainability Center Projects met and decided which problem you were goung to solve.  Your group should have met with me and told me which problem you wanted to solve and some basic ideas that would help you to solve this problem.

2.  Next, whhile you were waiting as I talked with each group, you should have continued working on your Layers of the Atmosphere diagram (started last week Thursday in class). You were directed to draw some objects (man-made and natural objects) that are found in the different layers of the atmosphere.  You should have looked in your text (p. 86-89) for the details that are on those pages.  Next you could have gone online for some other facts or sample Layers of the Atmosphere diagrams.  Here are some below:

Websites –

1.  NOAA Earth’s Atmospheric Layers

2.  Percent of Gasses in the Atmosphere

3.  Density of the Atmosphere

4.  Common Objects in the Atmospheric Layers:



Review and study your diagram notes: Layers of the Atmosphere and Composition of the Earth’s Atmosphere.


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