7th Science Rocks!

Friday, April 22

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Daily Objectives:

Day 1: Sustainability Center- Problem-Based Learning

A.  Describe Cloud formation and how clouds are formed by varying amounts of condensation in the atmosphere and change in temperature differences in the lower atmosphere

B.  Describe the atmosphere as a mixture of gases

P.EN.07.43 /  P.EN.07.62 / E.ES.07.72 /  E.FE.07.11


1. What is Earth Day?

2. Design Solutions to problems using technology.

3. Describe the effect humans and other organisms have on the balance of the natural world.
4. Recognize possible solutions to environmental problems, such as a lack of resources, energy shortages, and pollution. Identify possible technological advances in recycling, upcycling, conservation of resources, reduction of energy use.

S.RS.07.16 /  S.RS.07.17

Today in Class:

  1.  We corrected the Cloud Diagrams for 5th and 7th hour (I had a sub yesterday)
  2. We discussed and reviewed Pie Graphs – Composition of the Earth’s Atmosphere and the Diagram of the Layers of the Earth’s Atmosphere.
  3. Earth Day– you watched a short video about Boyan Slat – and his idea to solve the problem of ocean plastic   The Ocean CleanUp  (scroll down 1/2 a page to see the video).  The point is, we can all solve problems, and this was just an example of how a young person can identify a problem and then go about and try to solve the problem.
  4. Next, I passed out papers – “Action Plan: Sustainability Problem Solving” and students moved into groups.  You were given time to identify 5+ environmental concerns or problems in our community or your neighborhood, the West MI area, or AMS School.  You were to try t name 5+  problems / concerns- on the stormclouds– Making it “Rain.”  I put up some examples to jog your mind.

Homework:  Share a with your partner(s)–  what are some other examples of          partner ideas about environmental concerns or problems that you could solve?


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