7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, April 20

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Daily Objectives:

1. Describe Cloud formation and how clouds are formed by varying amounts of condensation in the atmosphere and change in temperature differences in the lower atmosphere

2. Describe the atmosphere as a mixture of gases

P.EN.07.43 /  P.EN.07.62 / E.ES.07.72 /  E.FE.07.11


Today in Class:

  1.  You took the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Quiz.  I hope you did well.
  2. Next, you started your Cloud Diagrams.  Most students referred to the textbook, pages 124-125, some students chose to reference a cloud diagram from the internet.  Make sure that your diagram has 10+ cloud types and their labels; shade in clouds that are darker- storm clouds; if a cloud has precipitation associated with it, then draw some rain or snow; don’t forget Fog; draw/label an altitude y-axis with numbers and correct metric units; try to draw shapes of clouds– (flat, puffy, tall, wispy)-don’t worry about perfection.  It is a science drawing, so accuracy is more important.


Homework:  Complete the cloud diagram.  Look above for the detailed instructions.  Here are some sample websites for you to check out:

  1.  Cloud SlideShow
  2. Clouds Formation for a Thunderstorm
  3. Cloud Types
  4. Cloud Diagrams Labeled



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