7th Science Rocks!

Friday, April 15

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Daily Objectives / Essential Questions

  1.  What are examples of clean or renewable energy?
  2. What are positive and negative consequences of using renewable energy?
  3. Can you design a working model that uses solar energy and heat transfer?

P.EN.M.3  /  P.EN.M.4  /  E.ES.07.11  /  E.ES.M.1

Today in Class:

1.Students corrected and discussed their Positive and negative T-charts and worksheets about Renewable Energy.

2.  Students watched a short PBS video – Zoom- to be introduced to conservation of energy activities: PBS Zoom: Solar Cooker (short video)

3.  Solar Cooker Challenge:  students were placed into groups.  You were able to look att different plans and begin your State the Problem, and begin searching for a solar cooker online to create Monday during class.

Groups Investigated Solar Cookers to design and copy

Solar Cooker Basics

Solar Cookers International (how these work and why use them):

How to Make a Solar Oven from

instructables “Hot Dog Cooker / Solar Oven”

PBS – Zoom – How to Build a Simple Solar Cooker


Homework:  Study your notes.  Your notes are in a few different forms –  so I listed them below and on the board today.  These are also on my Blog- “Notes of the Unit” page.

Sustainability – definition

Ways to Save Energy – through building design (Graphic organizer)

Renewable Energy / Clean Energy – word list, Word Cloud via Tagul

Advantages/Positive and Disadvantages/Negative of Renewable Energy – T-Chart




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