7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, April 14

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Daily Objectives / Essential Questions:

1.. What is “clean” or “cleaner” energy?
2. What are examples of energy sources that do not pollute the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and/or lithosphere as they produce energy?
3. What are the positive and negative consequences of using each of the clean energy types?

4. How can we test how well insulation works to reduce the loss of heat in a
5.  Describe how insulation works.
Demonstrate how some materials insulate better than others.
5.  Record and discuss large group-data collected to illustrate results accurately.
6.  Relate that effective insulation helps to conserve energy.


Today in Class:

  1.  Students entered their data on the Google.sheets for the Prevent Heat Escaping” lab.  We took a look at the class data and compared results.
  2. We completed the conclusions for the “Prevent Heat Escaping” lab.  You should have used concepts from the Gather Information section as you wrote the conclusion.
  3. We discussed what insulation was, what are different “real” types of insulation, what are some sustainable types of insulation and what the goal of using insulation is.  I showed you the site below for examples of insulation:  Types of Insulation Energy.Gov
  4. You reviewed different types of clean or renewable energy ( the Google.slides document on Sustainable Energy Types).   Then we all made a Word Cloud using for an alternate form of notes.    This is a really cool way to create a set of list notes!
  5. I passed out the HW and reminded you to use the site below to complete your work.


Homework:  Read the webpage below.  Answer the questions on the front side of the worksheet about clean / renewable energy.  Next, create a T-Chart that compares the positive and the negative reason for utilizing clean / renewable energy (on the back side of the worksheet).  The website below is very helpful to use a a resource.  You should have at least 3 + and 3 – reasons why we use renewable energy on the T- Chart.

Renewable Energy Explanation and Positives/Negatives


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