7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, April 13

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Daily Objectives – Essential Questions:

1. How can reduce the loss of energy in buildings?
2. What are some of the energy-saving measures we can take in our
3. How can we test how well insulation works to reduce the loss of heat in a
4. Describe how insulation works.
Demonstrate how some materials insulate better than others.
5. Relate that effective insulation helps to conserve energy.

Today in Class:

1.   “Stop Heat From Escaping” STEM (engineering activity).   The class was divided into into teams of three to four students each. Each student used a worksheet to record the steps of the Scientific Method as they completed this activity.

2.  Students were shown the choices of insulation materials to be tested.

3.  Groups read the Objectives for the day and read the Procedure for the Experiment out loud.  Next, students wrote the State the Problem,  the Hypothesis,  and Materials for the experiment.  The groups of students chose which insulating material they wanted to use, and checked the mass (50g or under).  Groups set up the experiment – packing insulation around plastic bottles inside the milk cartons. Students receieved a beaker of hot water and began their trials.  Most students completed 10 trials or more, checking the temperature change each minute, during the class time.

4.  Students cleaned up.



Write the definitions for the concepts listed in the Gather Information.  You may look these terms up on the internet.  You must define Insulation, Energy Conservation, and then CHOOSE one of the 3 terms for #3 – that you feel would be helpful for your to write a conclusion.  Those last 3 terms were in our notes from the last unit on waves and energy.




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