7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday April 12

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Daily Objectives and Essential Questions:

1. How can we reduce the loss of energy in buildings?
2. What are some of the energy-saving measures we can take in our
3. How do architects and engineers design buildings to qualify for LEED
Certification in regards to energy?
4. Why is it necessary to employ these energy-saving measures in the
design of our buildings?

Today in Class:

1. Students share ideas and examples of sustainable, renewable, efficient
energy concepts and descriptions
2.  Students are given “Sustainable Designs – Energy-Saving Architects” WS.Together with the large group, they make decisions and identify different
energy-saving adoptions in building design as they review the article below:
The Dunn County News August 8, 2007
3.  Discuss real-world connections about this kind of career and how it is common to work with a team
4.  Students begin to create their graphic organizer- either in written form or online (Google.draw,  or something similar)— illustrating ways to design with energy saving in mind
5.  Most students began their HW – referring to different websites (below)



  1.  Melissa Davis Energy Efficiency Exhibit; CEO, New Power Tour & Energy Manager,

Houghton Energy Efficiency Team  (HEET)

New Power Tour 

2.   Haworth’s Energy Story

3.  Energy Star   Green Buildings and Energy Star

4.  Herman Miller – Design for the Environment


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