7th Science Rocks!

Monday, April 11

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Daily Objectives—- Essential Questions:

1.What does “sustainable” mean?
2 .How can we achieve a sustainable energy environment?
3. What is “sustainable energy?”
4. What are examples of renewable or sustainable energy?

Today in Class:

1 Students move into groups of 3 or 2. Each group has a small whiteboard and marker. The students brainstorm ideas to answer the Objectives / / Questions and list thoughts, phrases, & examples on their whiteboard.

3. After 5-6 minutes, groups hold whiteboards so other groups/students can see their ideas as they share.
4. Students remind one another of the 3 components of sustainability: economic, environmental, and social.

5. They share the definition of sustainability that helped them to understand this concept the best ( the African Delegate to Johannesburg) —

“Enough- for all – Forever.”


1. Save 1/2 Gallon milk or juice boxes

2. Select a website to explore and write a new fact, idea, concepts that you learned Write these ideas on 4 x 6 card
Use laptop to explore various websites to double check real-world examples of sustainable energy

  1. New Power Tour, Inc
  2. US Department Of Energy
    3. Pacific Power
    4. National renewable Energy Laboratory,
    5. 2013 Renewable Energy Databook
    6. = DSIRE
    Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency®

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