7th Science Rocks!

Friday, March 25

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Daily Objectives:

1. Correctly match wave concepts to a specific demonstration of a wave type
2.  Identify real-world examples of waves, including sound waves, seismic waves, and waves on water
3.  Explore: Energy Transfer- Energy is transferred from a source to a receiver by radiation, conduction, and convection. When energy is transferred from a source to a receiver, the quantity of energy before the transfer is equal to the quantity of energy after the transfer.
4.  Students will relate conduction, convection and radiation to the action of the coin on the bottle: – and  will write an effective conclusion
P.EN.07.31 / P.EN.07.32 / P.EN.07.33 / P.EN.M.4 / P.EN.M.3 / S.IP.07.11 / S.IP.07.15  / S.IP.07.1
Today in Class:
1.  Pop Check!  Almost like a Pop Quiz, but the purpose for this Check was to help you to determine:  a.  Do you have all of the List Notes?  b.Are you studying when it is assigned?  c.  Are you studying real-world examples, and are you able to analyze those examples and correctly match them to the Wave Concepts?
If you performed well on the Pop Check– Great!  Keep up the good work!  🙂
If you were not able to answer the questions correctly or if you did not understand these questions, make sure to study and / or come for help.  Study Session times are always posted on the board and I have announced them.
2.  We completed the Energy Types Frame notes.  [These are posted on the Notes for the Unit” page on this Blog.]
Study  your notes, especially Heat Transfer and Energy Types.

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