7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, March 24

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Daily Objectives:

1.Explore: Energy Transfer- Energy is transferred from a source to a receiver by radiation, conduction, and convection. When energy is transferred from a source to a receiver, the quantity of energy before the transfer is equal to the quantity of energy after the transfer.

2. Generate scientific questions based on observations, investigations, and research.

3. Construct charts and graphs from data and observations.

P.EN.M.4 /  P.EN.M.3 /  S.IP.07.11 / S.IP.07.15 / S.IP.07.16

Today in Class:

1.You all should have come in with your Gather Information section completed (4th hour had some exceptions due to the size of your class).    Your team should have either completed 5 more trials and recorded your data or  the second group completed  the first 5 trials today (see Wed. “Today in Class”).   Either way, you should have then written your conclusion, using 2-3 science-energy terms, and then handed this lab in.

2.  Next, you started a Frame as we listed different energy types and examples of each type of energy.  The set of notes that we took will be downloaded on the “Notes for the Unit” page on this Blog right after I am done with this post.

Homework:  Study List Notes and  the new notes that you took on Energy types and Examples.


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