7th Science Rocks!

Monday, March 21

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Daily Objectives:

1. Demonstrate how waves transfer energy when they interact with matter

2. Select and apply waves concepts to a specific sound or light wave demonstration

3. Correctly match wave concepts to a specific demonstration of a wave type

4. Describe how waves are produced by vibrations in matter.

P.EN.07.31 / P.EN.07.32 / P.EN.07.33

Today in Class:

1. Students demonstrate wave energy activities and effectively match the demo with selected concepts and definitions from the List Notes. Students apply these concepts to the demonstration.

2. As demonstrations take place, class listens and mentally notes demo, concepts, and analyzes effectiveness of demo.

3. Students check off the List Notes topics named and demonstrated by students.


  1.  If you have not yet presented your Wave Demo, please make sure you are ready to go tomorrow at the beginning of class.
  2. Make sure to review and study your List Notes, especially the terms and definitions from pages 17-23.



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