7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, March 8

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Describe how waves vary
2.  Differentiate between types of waves
3.  Identify properties and types of waves
P.EN.07.31  /  P.EN.07.32  /  P.EN.07.33
Today in Class:
1.  Today was a “catch up” day for those in Band and Choir.  Band and Choir students who missed the Measurement Lab #2 last week Wednesday (due to your competitions) completed the lab today durng class.  By the way, CONGRATULATIONS, bands and choirs!  Excellent work with music!  I am proud of you 🙂


2.  The rest of the class continued reading, using the “I Read, I Understand” or “List Notes ” reading strategy.  Most students completed reading pages 2-13 in class today.


1. Complete reading new text – Sound and Light — pages xvii – page 13.  You should have a list of terms from the reading – written every 3rd line or so- to leave room for definitions that we will write tomorrow.  [Some of you started the definitions in class today because you had time, which is fine, but it is not HW to complete these.]



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