7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, March 2

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Students:  I have been busy preparing for my conference and correcting Late and Missing HW that was turned in today, so please pardon my later posting of this Blog entry 🙂

Daily Objectives

1. Use tools and equipment (spring scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, triple beam balance scale, digital scale, meter sticks and trundle wheel, thermometer, ) appropriate to scientific investigations

 2. Use metric measurement devices in an investigation.

S.IP.07.14  /  S.IP.07.13  /  P.PM.07.21 /


Today in Class:

  1. So …you reviewed your measurement notes!

2.  Then you came in and showed just how much you know and understand about all sorts of measurement tools, metric units, making decisions about accurate measurements, formulas to determine amounts…

3.  For all of you Band  & Choir Students:  First of all- Excellent Work!  Secondly, please make sure you study and review measurement as well as chemcial and physical properties / changes tonight.  You will have to make up this Lab next Tuesday… the Snow Day might have been fun, but it threw a monkey wrench into our schedule!  Oh well.  This Measurement Lab #2 will go on to 3rd Trimester Grades.

Homework:  Review and study— this time focus on Chemical and Physical Changes; Chemical and Physical Properties.  Study actively!


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