7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, Feb. 23

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Daily Objectives:

1. Use tools and equipment (spring scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, triple beam balance scale, digital scale, meter sticks and trundle wheel, thermometer, ) appropriate to scientific investigations

2. Use metric measurement devices in an investigation.

3.  Distinguish between an atom, a molecule, and an element .

4. Illustrate the structure of molecules using models

P.PM.07.21 / P.PM.07.22 / P.PM.07.23  /  S.IP.07.14  /  S.IP.07.13


Today in Class:- 

1. Today for the Bell Ringer – you and your partner should have completed the Metric Measurement – Station Lab #1.  You had more opportunities to ask questions and practice using various chemistry tools.

2.  Molecule Models:

a.  First we discussed the difference between an atom, a molecule, an element, and a compound.  I referred to page 10- the pictures of the molecules/compounds as we went over these concepts.

b.  Next, we looked at the website (1) below. This had some of the same molecule models that are on your text, page 10.  We looked at these molecules and compared them to one another.


c.  Third, I asked you to look at the websites (2)  and (3) below, that contain names of compounds.

As you chose molecule models to view,  you went to site (2), chose a compound, and then you Googled the “name of that compound” + Molecule model image.


The (3) site contains 3D Models that spin-(some students said this took longer to load- others reported that it was fine).



d.  After you located a couple of molecules/compounds that you would like to “build,” you completed the questions on the Molecule Madness worksheet.

e.  Due to time constraints – and the fact that many students did not bring their items for their molecule models– you will build these tomorrow at the beginning of class.  Come prepared!  If you don’t remember everythiing that you could bring, look at the HW from Friday and Monday.


  1.  Bring you molecule building materials (see Friday and Monday HW).
  2. Study notes – chemcial and physical properties; chemcial and physical changes, metric measurement.



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