7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, Feb. 10

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Daily Objectives:

1. Students classify and correctly group types of matter by their chemical and physical changes which occur

2. Identify evidence of chemical change through color, gas formation, solid formation, and temperature change.

3. Classify matter by its composition; arrange types of matter from simple to complex
P.PM.07.24 / P.PM.07.11 / A.PA.07.01 / P.PM.M. 21

Today in Class:

1. You read pages 21-25, Chemical and Physical Changes to Matter.  Which reading strategy did you use as you read?  Sticky Note reading?  I read, I understand?  Frames?   Read with a Partner? Complete Write-Ins in the Text? Read and Study the Pictures/Diagrams/Captions? 

2.  We corrected and discussed the Worksheet- Elements, Cmpounds, Homogeneous Mixtures, Heterogeneous Mixtures.

3.  At the end of most of the classes , we had time to watch a couple of the videos below (Homework).  I checked with you – do you know if these are Chemical or Physical changes?

Homework:  Study and review- Chemical and Physical Properties, Types of Matter, and now Chemical and Physical Properties.     I have told you before, and I will say it again- ACTIVELY study – yes, re-read the pages we covered, and study your notes… but it is better to study by walking around your house and looking at a substance and asking yourself, “Which Physical Properties would help to descibe this substance?”  Or watch the videos below and note which videos show Physical Changes, and which show Chemical Changes. OR try to find 10 homogeneous mixtures at home and 10 heterogeneous mixtures at home…. OR look at the elements in the Periodic Table, and see if you have any of those in your house.

Videos to View – Determine which show Chemical Changes and which show Physical Changes.

1. Fireworks

2. Icicles melting

3. evaporating water

4. carbon snake

5. Gummi Bears –

6. water moving because of sound waves

7. “Elephant’s toothpaste”

8.  Cleaning the Shower/Tub

9.   Making a Rocket Balloon Move


10.  “Cleaning” Pennies


11.  Acidic Oceans Experiment


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