7th Science Rocks!

Friday, Feb. 5

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Daily Objectives:

1.Demonstrate understanding of chemistry concepts (chemical and physical properties; density)

2. Describe density as a property of matter

3. Use deductive reasoning to explain how to make a golf ball sink or float in water

S.IP.07.11 / P.PM.07.24 / S.IP.07.12 / S.RS.07.15

Today in Class:

  1.  I passed back your papers from this week – and you used the first 5-7 minutes to review chemistry concepts once more.
  2. You took the Chemistry Quiz #1, on Properties of Matter and Types of Matter.
  3. Your groups then met and planned for the Golf Ball Lab Monday.  You should have written your Procedure, Materials List and the Hypothesis.  Next, you and your group members should have discussed if any of you needed to bring in any materials for your experiment.  I will supply the Golf Ball, the Tennis Ball Container, Water, (1) 1000mL Beaker and any other measurement tools that you need.
  4. You referred to your I Love Density Lab as you worked (Gather Information) and then you turned that lab into me.

Homework: Bring in any materials that you need for the Golf Ball Lab Monday.  Complete assigned Make Up and Missing assignments.


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