7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, Jan. 26

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Classify matter by its chemical and physical properties.
2.  Differentiate between physical and chemical properties.
P.PM.M.1  /  P.PM.07.11  /  P.PM.07.24
Today in Class:
1.  You completed your Venn Diagram – Geysers vs Glaciers, p. 5
2.  Next, you participated in the Classify Matter, Stations-Practice Lab with a partner.  You could refer to the SmartBoard for a list of chemcial and physical properties as you classified all different types of matter that were found in my classroom. This was a fun way to introduce physical and chemical properties.
 Complete the Write-Ins, pages 6 and 7.  (These answers will be corrected for accuracy.)

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