7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, Jan.20

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Daily Objectives:

  1.  Connect chemcical properties of DNA Fruit Extraction Lab to Genetics and Heredity.

2.  Develop conclusions that our DNA is carefully packaged inside the nuclei of our cells.

L.OL.M.2  /  L.HE.07.21  /  L.HE.07.22

Today in Class:

  1.  You re-read the Gather Information section of the DNA Extraction Lab.
  2. You wrote a question on a sticky note regarding the lab that you do not understand, and wanted to be answered.  You handed these in and then I answered all of the questions.  Great questions, by the way!  Some students  took notes as we went over those questions.
  3. Next, you completed the third page of the Lab- you analyzed the data and wrote some conclusions about the substances that we used to extra the DNA.  You then turned in the completed lab paper.


Study again!  that final Genetics and Heredity Assessment is coming up, Friday.

By the way, I have had students in my room, choosing to come in and study, or make up a lab, or get help with Punnett Squares.  Remember the choice is always there, just let me know and we can set it up 🙂



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