7th Science Rocks!

Friday, Jan 15

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Describe principles of probability and explain how they relate to Mendel’s results.

2.  Compare how characteristics of living things are passed on through generations, both asexually and sexually.

S.IP.07.12 /   L.OL.M.2   /  L.HE.M.2 /   L.HE.07.21 /   L.HE.07 22 /   L.OL.M.3

Today in Class:

  1.  We completed notes on chromosomes and sex cells (these notes updated on my Blog “Notes for the Unit”

2.  We checked – who is bringing bananas, strawberries and Ziplock baggies in each class for the Lab Tuesday.  If you are bringing fruit, peel and cut bananas into large chunks and then freeze; bringing strawberries – freeze!;   Ziplock bags – 15 quart size freezer bags, preferably Ziplock or Hefty)

3.  You were placed into groups of 3.  You should have written most of the materials for the DNA Extraction Experiment as you / we read through the Procedure.  You should have listed the amounts by the material.

4.  Make sure to complete your HW if you wish to be prepared for the lab on Tuesday.!!!


Read the Gather Information section of the DNA  Extraction lab. Make sure to complete the Purpose- or State the Problem!  Write in the answer to fill in the blank.  *** Also, re-read the Procedure.  Did you and your group complete the list of materials, with their amounts?

Punnett Square Make-Up.... If you wish to complete make up problems  (you want to make up P Square WS 2b)- write the following numbers & answers on lined paper.  If you are still confused about P Squares- come in and get help!!!  I have been helping people at lunches, before school and during Seminar 🙂

  1.  I have Huskies who have blue eyes and grey eyes.  Represent blue eyes with E and grey eyes with e  for the following problems: a-b-c.

a.  Which color eye is dominant?      How do you know?


b.  If the parents are Homozygous blue eyes male and grey eyed female, what are the parents’ alleles?


c.  Create a Punnett Square for this cross and note the genotype and phenotype for their offspring.


2.    Susan is heterozygous for the trait of freckles.  She marries Bob, who is also heterozygous for freckles.  If freckles are a dominant trait, what would the parents’ alleles pairs be if you use   F  or f  for the alleles?



3.   Create a Punnett Square for Susan and Bob and the freckle trait possibilities of their children.  Note genotype and phenotype.



4.  If  the trait for Dalmatians’s  pink noses is a recessive trait, how would you write the allele pair for a Dalmatian with a pink nose?  (use    N   or n   )




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