7th Science Rocks!

Monday, November 9

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Daily Objectives:

1. Explain how cells make up different body tissues, organs, and organ systems.
2. Relate the idea that in multicellular organisms, specialized cells perform specialized functions.
3. Demonstrate understanding of the parts of the microscope – its care and correct use as well as knowledge of the parts of a microscope.  Conduct Science investigations using a microscope correctly.
S.IP.07.12  /  S.IP.07.13  /  L.OL.07.22  /  L.OL.07.32
Today in Class:
1.  Review Cell Theory, Unicellular & Multicellular
2.  Students correct their Cell Rap papers – so many of you did not checke these answers when you first completed them- your lack of understanding and lack of effort was evident in about half of the class’ ork.
3.   Students point out differences between various body cells – why they would need to be different in shape, size and overall appearance
4.  Begin:  Microscope Lab #4: Human Body Cells- Station Lab
Homework:  Cell Stuctures and Functions Quiz is Wednesday.  Study using the Sports Study method.

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