7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, October 22

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Evaluate my scientific experiment.
2.   Apply the Scientific Method principle to a lab situation. Identify steps of the Sci. Method.
3.  Explain how the Sci. Method fits into everyday activities or investigations
S.IP.07.12 /      S.IP.07.16 /     S.IA.07.11 /      S.IA.07.12 /     S.IA.07.13 /      S.IA.07.14

Today in Class:

  1.  You read comments from the rest of the class regarding your Gummy Bear Lab / Data Poster.  Next, you made final changes to your poster with your group.
  2. Next – you watched the following video and then completed a worksheet —

Steve Spangler Science: Exploding Pumpkins:

This should remind you that any activity can be turned into a science experiment. 🙂

Homework:  Double – check your Independent / Dependent Variable WS.  Some of you may wish to make changes after participating in the Data Poster presentations yesterday.


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