7th Science Rocks!

Friday, October 16

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Daily Objectives:

  1. Evaluate a scientific investigation
  1. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations,performances, models, performances, models, tables, graphs,
  1. Write a clear and complete conclusion that utilizes research from the Gather Information and analyzes data from the results of the Experiment

S.IP.07.12 / S.IP.07.16 / S.IA.07.11 / S.IA.07.12 / S.IA.07.13 /  S.IA.07.14

Today in Class:

  1. Student groups work on the Record Results / Analyze the Data section, and place these measurements on their data table, graph, chart, diagram,…
  2. Student groups next work on their final Conclusions, and check their analysis with the rest of the group.


No Homework, unless you have missing work or you would like to add an extra study session this weekend.  Remember, your Unit Test is next week Tuesday!


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  1. plse stop sending me these

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