7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, October 8

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Daily Objectives:

  1.  Generate scientific questions based on observations and experiences.
  1.  Identify wise and careful use of scientific materials and procedures during investigations and experiments.

S.IP.07.16   /  S.IA.07.12  /  S.IP.M.1  /  S.IP.07.11  /  S.IP.07.12  S.RS.07.16

Today in Class:

  1. We corrected and discussed the front half of the Pop Lab.  It was necessary to go over the Hypothesis, State the Problem and Materials list.
  2. We finished up the Lab Safety notes, and different lab safety situations were discussed.  These notes are on my Blog (“Notes for the Unit” tab, above).
  3. Next. Table groups started brainstorming ideas for the Gummy Bear lab.  You will be designing this entire lab, moving through all of the steps of the Scientific Method. You should have come up with 3+ ideas/plans for your groups’ experiment.  These should have been listed in your notes / looseleaf paper.

Homework:  Study your Links cards – Scientific Method, Types of Experiments, and even some Lab Safety notes.  The second quiz is tomorrow! 🙂


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