7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, October 7

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Daily Objectives:

  1.  Students make comparisons between different lab situations and identify patterns in data.
  1.  Identify wise and careful use of scientific materials and procedures during investigations and experiments.

S.IP.07.16   /  S.IA.07.12

Today in Class:

  1. You were given 15-20 minutes to study the Scientific Method and the types of Experiments (control, variable) using your Links cards with people at your table.
  2. While you studied, I checked the Links cards for each student.
  3. Next, we took notes on Lab Safety.  You were given a worksheet to write the notes on and examples/definitions were written on the SmartBoard.

Quiz on the Scientific Method and Types of Experiments (Control, Variables) Friday.  You should have used your 12-13 Links cards to study today during class.  No HW unless these are late/unfinished.


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