7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, September 29

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Daily Objectives:

  1.   Apply the steps of the Scientific Method to the Gum Experiment, and write and evaluate practice conclusions
  2. Apply the steps of the Scientific Method to the Frisbee Experiment, especially Gather Information.     

Today In Class:

  1.  Students peer-evaluated practice conclusions for the Gum Lab.  Then you wrote your final conclusion for the Gum Lab.
  2. Homework was passed out (the Frisbee Lab).  We discussed writing the Research or Gather Information section.
  3. Students evaluated and corrected the Gum lab graphs.
  4. 5th and 7th hours had working groups and jobs designated; the class then completed the Hypothesis and Materials sections (because we don’t meet Wednesday due to the Art Prize field trip).


1. Watch Newton’s Apple Video, “Physics of Frisbee Flight” and list at least 3 terms that help to explain Frisbee flight and also write their definitions. (write on Frisbee Lab WS).

2. 2nd Frisbee Physics video – for more explanation of concepts: 

Physics Frisbees #2


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