7th Science Rocks!

Monday, September 28

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Daily Objective:

Apply the steps of the Scientific Method to the Gum Experiment, and write and evaluate practice conclusions.

Today in Class:

1. Quizzes were passed back and discussed. If you would like to re-take the quiz, you will need to complete a Study Log ( I am placing a copy below and I will have hard copies in class tomorrow. Study once tonight! )  I told you in class today I will be reviewing the Scientific Method with students who have completed their Study Log this Thursday @ lunch.  

2. We discussed where you could research or gather information for the Gum Lab. Students looked at the gum packages to refer to ingredients and other facts to write a practice conclusion.

3. Students wrote a practice conclusion for the Gum Lab.  We will evaluate and discuss these as a large group.

4. I collected the Gum Lab graphs that should have been completed Friday in class or over the weekend.


Bring a can of pop Friday… If you can! Diet or regular- different brands and kinds will make this demonstration / experiment more interesting, You will not drink the pop during class- that is not what the experiment is about! 🙂

So You Wish to Make Up a Quiz?

The policy in Seventh Grade Science is:

  1. You- the student – need to let me know if you wish to make up a poor quiz, ASAP after you receive your graded quiz back.
  2. Next, you are expected to study 3 times (different dates) at home, using one of the study methods you were taught.
  3. Complete a study log and note how long and the dates that you studied, and which methods you used.    Have a parent sign the log, noting when you studied. One of the study times should be a time when you study out loud with someone else. Length of suggested study time should be ~15-20 minutes.
  4. Come in and study one more time with me, showing me your completed Study Log.  I will set this time up and inform the class.
  5. Last, re-take your quiz. It is your responsibility to come and take the quiz at the time we agree on.

Basically, you are asked to do what you should have done in the first place- prepare for the quiz. If you have questions before about a certain topic in science, please ask questions during class or outside of class (morning, lunch, after school).

Students are welcome to complete a Study Log before any quiz if it will help to show their progress, and record their actual study times.

Study Log

Study Dates          Method of Studying                        Amount of Time

_________________ ________________________________ _________________

_________________ ________________________________ _________________

_________________ ________________________________ _________________

_________________ ________________________________ _________________

_________________ ________________________________ _________________


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