7th Science Rocks!

Friday, September 18

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Daily Objectives:

1. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, exhibits, and activities. 

2. Apply the steps of the Scientific Method (especially Procedure- Method and Record/Analyze Data) to the Off Target Experiment.

S.IP.07.11 / S.IP.07.12 / S.IP.07.13 / S.IP.07.14 / S.IP.07.16 / S.IA.07.13 / S.IA.07.14 / S.RS.07.15

Today in Class

1.  Students were given time to review and study the Scientific Method notes with a partner.  At this time, the notes were checked for accuracy and completeness.  

2.  Students discussed and brainstormed: what would be some of the scientific concepts that would help us to write an effective conclusion.  Students came up with 6-10 different concepts and wrote these on the SmartBoard.  Next, partners shared and critiqued (verbally)  a practice Conclusion.  Then the students individually wrote a final conclusion on their Off Target lab paper.

3.  Students turned in their Scientific Method WS.

4.  Homework – watching the video (see below) was discussed. 


Students relate short video clip experiment to the Scientific Method: 

Watch the video and think about which steps of the Scientific Method are shown or demonstrated.  (You do not have to write this down)


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