7th Science Rocks!

Monday, September 14

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Daily Objective:

Students will use laptops and InQwizIT to complete the Pre-Assessment of the Seventh Grade Science  Benchmarks

Today in Class:

1.  Students used Chromebooks and InQwizIT  to complete the Post-Assessment  of the Sixth Grade Science Benchmarks.  These tests should now be completed (unless a student was absent).  These assessments should help the teachers to know how much of the 6th grade science benchmarks students could recall and apply as we start 7th Grade science.  If the tests show that there is a particular set of concepts that the students overall scored poorly on, then this data helps us (the teachers) to understand that we should review that section.

2.  Students then began the 7th Grade Science Benchmark  Pre-Assessment.  The emphasis for this test was not to achieve a high score, but to set a baseline for the student.  The students will take these assessments at the very end of the year, and they should then demonstrate a strong learning curve at that point.  


NO HW today in science.


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