7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8-9

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Welcome to my class and welcome to my Blog!  I am putting these first two days together because we are completing some of the same activities in both of these days’ lessons (and most of you know aboout my projector fail Tuesday).  🙂

So far, your class has reviewed the objective and essential question to start this year:  What is Inquiry?     Inqury includes an analysis and presentation of findings that leads to future questions, research and investigations.    S.IA.M.1

We reviewed the Scientific Method  and checked…. what do you remember about this scientific process?

Today, you started discussing and choosing our class rules and policies.

We introduced each other – and you should have completed an info sheet to help me get to knnow and understand you.

Many students were curious as to which topics we will cover in 7th Grade Science.  It is a great mixture of concepts:

The Scientific Method

Microbiology & The Cell

Genetics & Heredity


Waves & Energy

Environmental Science

Earth’s Water & Weather

What do you need for science?  Well, check my June 17 post (Summer 2015 post) for details (just scroll down a bit) 🙂  I am looking forward to a fantastic year in science with all of you 🙂

Assignment:  Students should follow the directions on the “Science in the Real World” paper.  This was given to you Tuesday, 9/8 (1st hour- you received it Wednesday, 9/9).  Your assignment is due Friday,9/11.


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