7th Science Rocks!

Summer 2015

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Heads Up, To Any of My Prospective 7th Grade Students and Your Parents:

I hope you are enjoying your summer and getting some rest and relaxation!  I also hope that you are finding time to explore the outdoors and question your world around you!  If you also build some time into your daily plan to read, read, read,… that will help you to be a strong student 🙂 .

If you are looking on this space for supplies and materials needed for 7th Grade Science, here is a list to help you out.  I know that school supplies will go on sale periodically during the summer months, so this might come in handy…

What do you really need for science?

~3-Ring Binder (1 1/2 inch width is great)

~blue or black pens, red pens

~pencils (you usually write in pencil in science)

~looseleaf paper

~a notebook (or just paper in a section of your binder)

~colored pencils (if this is do-able; if not, I supply them for students in the classroom)

~a ruler (mm or cm measurements)

and…. these will really make a difference:

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)…an Inquiring Mind… Respect…Effort… A Desire to Learn…

*****Have a Teriffic Summer!    I am planning on having an exciting and fantastic school year in science with YOU!!!

Get set for a GREAT RIDE! 🙂 


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