7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, May 20

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Daily Objectives:


1.  Describe the origins of pollution in the atmosphere,  geosphere, and hydrosphere,  (car exhaust, industrial emissions, acid rain, and natural sources), and how pollution impacts habitats, climatic change, threatens or  endangered species.

Today in Class:

1.  I have announced in all of my classes that if students have missing work, they should be coming in to my room at lunch times (I am in my room during lunch for the past week and through next week) to complete missing work.   I have also reminded students with missing & late work that you need to complete and hand in all missing work by next week, Thursday, May 28.

2.  I asked you to guess at a small collection of items – that I showed you during class.  These were plastic pieces, fishing net pieces,  a hagfish trap, and a sieve that I was given from an environmental organization in Hawaii.  These things related to the articles you read from the Ducks Overboard and the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch article.

3.  We answered and corrected the Ducks Overboard worksheet.

Homework:  Complete any missing work.  Study notes if you choose— you have a quiz Friday.


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