7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, May 5

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Explain the water cycle and describe how evaporation, transpiration, condensation, cloud formation, precipitation, infiltration, surface runoff and ground water occur within the cycle.

E.ES.07.81 / S.IP.07.1 /  S.IA.07.13

Today in Class:  only 4th – 7th hours had class today due to M-Step testing…

1.  First, your class completed your steps of the water cycle definitions and examples.

2.  Then, the class moved into small groups and got organized for the Soil Permability Lab.  You should have discussed which types of soil you would like to test and which concepts you think you should use in your Gather Information section of the lab.  Most groups started this.  You may use any of the soil terms that will appply to your lab from the websites below.

Soil Types Definitions

Soil Types – City Information

Homework:  Complete the Gather Information section of the Soil Permeability Lab.  (3+ terms and definitions)


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