7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, April 29

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Describe the atmosphere as a mixture of gasses.  

2.  Compare and contrast the composition of the atmosphere at different elevations.

3.  Atmosphere- The atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and trace gases that include water vapor. The atmosphere has different physical and chemical composition at different elevations.

E.FE.07.11 /  E.FE.07.12  / E.FE.M.1

Today in Class:

1.  Students worked on their Atmosphere Graphs: layers of the atmosphere — temperature  — density– composition — altitude — objects in the atmosphere— .  These should have been close to completion, but many students in each class did not work on these when it was assigned as HW last week and Tuesday night.

2.  I reminded you – my students- that you will continue to have new topics and lessons presented to you, and that your “job” is to learn.  When HW is assigned, you should work on this for 15-20 minutes.  Finish strong this 3rd Trimester!!

Homework:  If you still did not complete these graphs, please complete these by tomorrow morning and turn these in to me before school begins.  Refer to last Thursday’s post and your planners.


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