7th Science Rocks!

Monday, April 27

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Explore: Energy Transfer- Energy is transferred from a source to a receiver by radiation, conduction, and convection. When energy is transferred from a source to a receiver, the quantity of energy before the transfer is equal to the quantity of energy after the transfer. P.EN.07.31 

2. Describe the atmosphere as a mixture of gases

3. Explain the water cycle and describe how evaporation, transpiration, condensation, cloud formation, precipitation, infiltration, surface runoff and ground water occur within the cycle.

4. Identify and differentiate between different water environments

E.ES.07.72 /  E.FE.07.11 / E.ES.07.81 / S.IP.07.1 / S.IA.07.13

Today in Class:

1.  Students continued to work on their atmosphere diagrams: layers, altitude, temperature trends, density, objects in the atmosphere

2.  Students completed their conclusions for the Solar Toy experiments

3.  We corrected and discussed the Solar Toy experiments (5th and 7th hour will continue this tomorrow)




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