7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, April 22

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Design solutions to problems using technology.

2.  Describe the effect humans and other organisms have on the balance of the natural world.

3.  Recognize possible effective solutions to environmental problems, such as lack of resources, energy shortages, pollution. Identify possible technological advances in recycling, upcycling, conservation of resources, reduction of energy use.

S.RS.07.16 / S.RS.07.17

Today in Class:

Bell Ringer to explain Earth Day: Be the Change! Be the Difference!

Image result for Earth Day

2.  Search online  for inventions that are “eco-friendly” – helpful for the environment, save energy, reduce pollution, save resources, promote recycling, upcycling,…. AND that are solutions to problems usiing technology.

3.  Students check out each others’ ideas and solutions, create a poster – listing these ideas and solutions


Take an action to “Be the Change” and “Make a Difference”

– it may be a small action (shutting off lights, don’t let the water run) or larger action…

For ideas:  50 Ways to Help the Planet

52 Cheap Ways to Go Green

Good HouseKeeping Go Green


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