7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, April 23

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Daily Objectives:

1. Describe Cloud formation and how clouds are formed by varying amounts of condensation in the atmosphere and change in temperature differences in the lower atmosphere 

2. Describe the atmosphere as a mixture of gases

P.EN.07.43 /  P.EN.07.62 / E.ES.07.72 /  E.FE.07.11

Today in Class:

1.  Read pages 84-85;  read pages 122-123

2.  Record your hour’s HW – markers – on a blank sheet

3.  Correct Clouds diagram

4.  Look at each of the individual websites.

5.  Draw a diagram- pie chart (use a beaker?)  that represents the composition of the gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere.  Draw and label this.  Note each element/compound that is named as a gas in our atmosphere.  Use a different color for each gas.

6.  Start your graph of the Earth’s atmsopheric Layers showing:

Temperature  (trends— this should be a line graph)

Names of the atmospheric layers

altitude  (use metrics!)

objects in the atmosphere (15 +man-made and natural objects); simple drawings; you may create a key to the side or on the back

density – make sure that the density graph is alongside the atmospheric layers grap (when is density of the atmosphere the greatest?  the least?)

Layers of the upper atmosphere looked at from the edge, shown in colors ranging from red near the earth to blue towards space

Websites – To Be Used in Class:

1.  NOAA Earth’s Atmospheric Layers

2.  Percent of Gasses in the Atmosphere

3.  Density of the Atmosphere

4.  Common Objects in the Atmospheric Layers:

5.  Altitude vs Temperature of Atmospheric Layers


Continue your work on your atmosphere diagram –  your goals is to combine the above diagrams and graphs. See above directions.  Work for 15-20 minutes and then stop.


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