7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, March 10

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Daily Objective:

1.  Apply Chemical and Physical Properties to an imagined SuperHero:  Oral Presentations

Today in Class:

Ok, I was not able to hear about all of your Element SuperHeroes as you presented to small groups— but — WOW!  So many of these were Fantastic!!!  I hope you learned some new information about different elements and understand better how to apply different physical and chemical properties after creating these SuperHeroes and listening to other students’ ideas.  These were smashing, ladies and gentlemen!


Actively read pp. 4-9, from the Sound & Light Wave Energy Text.  Which strategy will you use tonight?  Hamburger Frame?  Sticky Note Reading?  I Read, I Understand?  Read and Label Captions and Diagrams?  Answer Questions in the Text?  General Frame? Read and Outline?  Read & Create Lincs Cards?  Read With a Partner and use one of the aforementioned strategies?

YOU ARE SCIENCE SUPERHEROES!   Image result for superhero image


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