7th Science Rocks!

Monday, March 9

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Alrighty, we had a break from the Blog- as I did not have regular classes Thursday (due to Boating Instruction) and half days…. so here we go again!

Daily Objectives:

1. Demonstrate that I can recall facts, concepts and activities completed during the 2nd Trimester

2.  Give examples of the objectives, concepts as they are seen in the real world; analyze and evaluate these situations using knowledge and information gained in the Chemistry and Heredity units.

[all GLCEs last Trimester]

3.  Apply Chemical and Physical Properties to an imagined SuperHero

Today in Class:

1.  Discuss the 2nd Trimester Assessment

2.  Complete your Element SuperHero – this was assigned last week Tuesday / Wednesday —- depending which day you were not in Science, due to your Choir Festival.  Most of the students had about 20 minutes to start these in class on Wed..  Hours 4-7 also had another entire class period to work on these on Friday (except Boys’ Choir).  Today, all classes had at least 15 minutes (5th hour) to 30 minutes (2nd and 3rd hours) to work on these Element SuperHeroes.  If you were not yet done, please finish these by tomorrow.

Homework:  Complete your Element SuperHero!


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