7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, Feb. 26

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Daily Objectives:  

1.  Distinguish between an atom, a molecule, and an element .

2.  Illustrate the structure of molecules using models

P.PM.07.21 / P.PM.07.22 / P.PM.07.23

Today in Class:

1.  Molecule Models:  You selected a compound (see site #2) ; built a molecule model; answered questions on the “Molecule Madness” Worksheet – and I checked your models.  Apologies to 7th hour– the lovely internet was not working for most of your computers, nice attitudes and good effort being flexible!


find a compound – then Google the name + 3-D molecule and you will see a 3-D compound -( molecule) with labeled atoms! 


3D Models that spin- takes longer to load


Complete the Molecule Madness WS if you did not finish it during class (you had time to complete this).

STUDY!  Unit Assessment will be coming up next Tuesday.


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