7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, Feb. 25

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Describe how Mendeleev predicted and ordered the elements as he created the Periodic Table

2. Point out methods of organization on the current Periodic Table: Describe how elements in the P. Table are organized (common properties, metals, non-metals, reactive metals,…)

P.PM.07.21 / P.PM.07.22 / P.PM.07.23

Today in Class:

1.  Periodic Table Notes – check students’ summary with full copy of notes…  students asked questions and these were answered both by the other students and by  checking my set of notes.

2.  I did introduce the fact that you will be creating an “Element Superhero”  and students selected an element to base their superhero on at the end of class.  This will be fun 🙂


1.  Study each night, 15 minutes, before the assessment next week.

2.  Bring 2-3 different types of items to build molecules – these are due tomorrow.  Try to bring 2 items, 10+ each…  Items to bring could include: marshmallows. fruit snacks, gummy bears,  apple chunks, celery pieces, Play-Doh, clay, styrafoam, cheese squares, tape balls, yarn balls (diameter of a quarter or so); ju-ju-fruits, spice drops,  …. anything that you can stick a toothpick into.


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