7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, Feb. 24

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Describe how Mendeleev predicted and ordered the elements as he created the Periodic Table

2. Point out methods of organization on the current Periodic Table: Describe how elements in the P. Table are organized (common properties, metals, non-metals, reactive metals,…)

P.PM.07.21 / P.PM.07.22 / P.PM.07.23

Today in Class:

1.   Students utilize a reading strategy— pp. 80-87 to that helps them to understand the text concerning the Periodic Table.  Students chose to either take notes by using: Sticky Note Reading; Answer the Questions in the Text; complete a Hamburger Frame or other Frame; Complete I Read, I Understand.

2.  Students reviewed their reading of atoms, molecules, elements and compounds by re-reading pp. 9-15.

3.  I also reminded you of the upcoming days’ work:

Wed: Check our notes on the P. Table; do a little “fun” check on a special super element

Thurs: Make a model of a molecule, a compound…

Friday and next Monday: review

Tues: 2nd Trimester Assessment

Wed.: Measurement Lab # 2


Bring in items Thursday to help build models of molecules / compounds.  Items could include: jelly candies, spice drops, mini and large marshmallows, clay (I have plenty of clay), … anything that a toothpick will stick into.  These are due Thursday.


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